Kesarvale, South Goa, GA

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Everyone knows Goa for its crystal clean beaches, Shacks & Sea Food. Midst all the scenic beaches and churches, there is this amazingly awesome Kesarval Springs, located approx 22 km away from Panaji. I visited this place on my 1st visit to Goa a few weeks before and found it really peaceful and beautiful. We found some boys their enjoying the waterfall, the boys told us that the water is so clean that they use it for quenching their thirst too at times. Really, we saw it the water was clean and cool. In spite of being October, to my surprise there was a waterfall and the place was so cool (though did not expect it because otherwise the weather was very hot outside). We enjoyed at the Springs for about an hour or more, it also had something like a little cave inside, which was also pretty interesting. I recommend people going to Goa, do visit Kesarval Springs for a change (take some off from beaches for a few hours :-P). I wonder how beautiful this place will be in Rainy's !! Would love to go again !

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