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Pangong Lake Rd, Spangmik, 194201

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Just 10 kms from Spagmik (the commercial part of Pangong Lake, where all the camps, guest houses and home stays are located) lies the unexplored villages Man and Merak. The village Man is 10 kms from Spagmik and Merak another 10 kms from Man. To reach these unexplored villages, one should travel through gravel roads and a tough terrain. There is no tarmac road that one should expect and at times, one should be prepared to navigate a route for themselves. The part is so remote and secluded that one would hardly fins a soul to ask for directions. So be prepared for some good adventure. If you are not driving a 4*4, then be prepared to rescue your car from the soft sand (which I did when we went really close to the lake). The journey has to offer a myriad range of natural beauty. Deserted spots where one can take a nice dip, spots where one can just sit and listen to the sound of the lake and soak in the sun (on a good day) or just enjoy the changing colours, different shades of blue of the Pangong Lake. The raw naked mountains on one side, one side snow capped mountains. One will be so awed at this marvel of nature's beauty with Pangong Lake shining in all its glory. There are photos and videos to be shared, but still nothing can do justice to such beauty and 5 images and few videos doesn't describe even 1/10th of the experience we had visiting this unexplored beauty

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