Tribal Handicrafts at Kondagaon

Kondagaon, Kondagaon, CT

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Situated in the heart of the state of Chhattisgarh, Kondagaon is the best place to shop for nearly all kinds of tribal handcrafts made in the region . The villages within 40-50kms of Kondagaon have several craftsmen specializing in brass, wrought iron, bamboo and clay. While these handicrafts are a dying art, there are several NGO's in the region helping local craftsmen adapt to the changing needs of the economy and market. One such NGO, named Saathi, based out of Kondagon helps the craftsmen in reaching out to the prospective customers and helps in marketing and distribution of the handicrafts. Not only do you get tribal handicrafts at half the price compared to major cities, buying directly from Kondagaon will ensure that a large part of the proceeds also reach the local craftsmen.