Hampta Pass

NH21, Himachal Pradesh, IN

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What makes this discovery unique is the sheer amount of change,both in floura-fauna and look and feel of the environment.We reached Hampta Pass from Manali and stepped down into Lahaul and Spiti valley.Now,Manali is completely different from Spiti.Manali has a touch of Indian hill station where as Spiti resembles a Tibetan Buddhist monastery.Not literally but very figuratively.We started our journey from a village called Jobra which falls into the district of Manali and is situated at the height of 10600 ft.First day,we trekked for around 3-4 hours and camped at a place called Chika.Entire stretch consisted of green meadows and forests replete with Pine and Maple trees.Next day,things changed and touch of Manali lost its effect.Last day,we reached Hampta pass which is at 14300 ft.It felt great to be on top.Descent was tricky.After a continuous descent of 5 hours we entered into Spiti valley.The mountains here look barren.The traditional Spiti look.The Manali that we had started our trek from,was more materialist and green but the Spiti valley that we entered into is all spiritual and calm.It was as if we had managed to cover two different worlds separated by a door called Hampta Pass. That door had been unlocked by us.

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