Camping on the highest lake - Tso Moriri

Tso Moriri, 194404,

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Tso Moriri is the highest lake in the Himalayan region (15,075 feet) entirely belonging to India. While Pangong has become more popular in the last few years, because of its easy accessibility, it is Tso Moriri which is a rare combination of everything that you would want in a perfect scenery painting â?? blue skies, fluffy clouds, snow capped peaks, brown barren mountains, lush green fields, bright sunshine & unbelievably blue waters. The entire experience there, was no less than the Swiss Alps. Due to its height, the conditions are harsher & therefore still untapped by commercialization. The lake has an interesting anecdote about why the it is called so. Apparently, once upon a time, a shepherdess owned a yak named Mo, which got lost at the lake one day. She kept shouting â??ririâ?? (a call to action for yaks, just like its â??ch châ?? for dogs!), calling out to it, and hoping it would come back. Not too sure if it finally did, but it definitely gave the lake a name. The place gets insanely cold at night with the temperatures falling & the rarified air making it even tougher to sustain. The area being a Wetland Conservation Reserve, we were not even given the option of the bonfire & electricity stays only till 11pm.We were given hot water bags, so we we wrapped up under our very thick blankets trying to be as snug as possible relying totally on the hot water bag & praying it will keep us warm through the night. An experience that was totally unforgettable!

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