Udupi - Hulivesha

Udupi, Udupi, KA

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Hulivesha is a folk dance performed during the Navratri and is very unique in udupi â?? a festival that is dedicated to worship Durga, a Hindu deity who signifies power and strength. Many young men dress up like tigers and roam the streets of Udupi. They walk around the streets and lanes, perform, collect money and move on. They are usually in a group and have a group leader. The performances can be seen all through the nine days. Udupi is about 55 kilometers from Mangalore and there are several buses on this route. A few trains stop at Udupi as well. Many young people dress up in unique costumes these days but the costumes in general are dark and gothic. They try to scare people, but are very friendly and stop and pose for photographs.

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