Partapur, Banswara, RJ

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Partapur is a small village is the Banswara district of Rajasthan and is about 35 kilometers from Banswara, and the nearest city is Udaipur, which is about 145 kilometers away. The nearest railway station is Ratlam junction, which is 80 kilometers away. The village is known for its natural beauty and for its old temples. Partapur, though a little village, is very famous for pottery and these products are sold all over Rajasthan. It is very interesting to note that, there are several self-help women groups in the village, who are into the pottery business and they run their business through micro-finance. There are two life style museums which show the life in villages and most of the artifacts in these museums have been donated by the villagers. There are a lot of pots on display as well. Winters are the best time to visit this village, when the days are warm and the nights are chilly. Mahua is a local alcoholic drink that is very famous here and is worth tasting.

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