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The Snail dish also known as Samo is unique to the Bodo tribe of Assam. The snails are collected from the river or paddy field and kept soaked in water for two nights before preparing them with mild spices and black lentils. As with most Bodo dishes, there is a certain rhythmic manner in which the samo is supposed to be eaten-the snail is lifted to the mouth and sucked in swiftly. Amongst Bodos, there is a certain pride associated in having a strong constitution and young Bodo lads often compete amongst themselves for consuming the highest number of snails! The samo is typically had with steamed rice- a staple diet of Bodos as like all other tribes of Assam, koldil bhaji (stir fried eggplant flower) and dal. Snails are surprisingly nutritious, serving as an excellent source of protein and iron, with very little carbohydrates. The Bodos who form the second largest community in Assam have a rich and distinct identity of their own which is manifested in their cuisine. Apart from snails- Silkworms, crabs and frogs also form a part of the unique cuisine of Bodos. These unique dishes, not to be found in any restaurants are prepared in the household kitchens and their recipes zealously passed down through generations from mother to daughter. Though culturally and linguistically Bodos have an identity which is distinct from Assamese, Bodo cuisine does display some influences of Assamese cuisine- the fish is typically prepared with Elephant apple which lends it a mild tangy taste. Like most tribes in Assam, Bodos love to end their meals with pan tamul- betel leaf and areca nut.

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