Scuba Diving Spot - Sindhudurg fort

Sindhudurg, IN,

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Sindhudurg is a district in Maharashtra. Tarkarli is a little village in the Sindhudurg district. The beaches of Tarkarli are beautiful and the water is clear blue. A one hour boat ride from Tarkarli takes you to Sindhudurg fort, which is an ideal spot for scuba diving as the waters are warm and very clear. There is also a lot of marine life like Jelly fish and sea Horses. Beginners are given lessons about Snorkeling where they are taught how to breathe underwater and if they are comfortable they can scuba dive with a trained professional. The dive last for about half an hour where one can watch corals and many colorful fishes. The best time for scuba diving is during the winters - from December to January when the water is calm and clear. Tarkarli is about 12 hours away from Mumbai by bus.

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