Ghera Sudhagad

Ghera Sudhagad, Raigad, MH

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Sudhagad is a beautiful hill fort in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra. Sudhagad lies in the Pali region, famous for its Pali Ganapati temple and is about 110 kilometers from Mumbai. One can drive till Thakurwadi, the base village for this trek. The plateau is very large and was originally considered by Shivaji, a Maratha warrior Ruler, to be the capital of his kingdom. Camping is possible and there is also a temple where many people rest for the night before starting their trek to Sarasgad, a twin fort. The trek is very simple, but water is difficult to find, so one must carry at least four to five liters of water. We enjoyed hot Maggi noodles on a starry night in cold winters and made a bonfire to keep us warm. The next morning, we walked to the takmak tok, the point from where criminals were thrown into the deep valley, which offers beautiful views of the nearby peaks. The best time to visit this historical and lovely hill fort is after the monsoon season, from October to November, when a lot of wild flowers are in full bloom.

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