Lake Arthur - Camping in the Bhandardara backwaters

Lake Arthur, Ahmednagar, MH

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The Bhandrdara backwaters and the plateau are nestled deep within the Sahyadri ranges â?? The name for Western Ghats in Maharashtra. These backwaters are famous with the local people for the Wilson dam and the Arthur lake. Arthur Lake is an ideal spot for camping swimming in its pristine blue waters. It is very easy to miss the lake as not many tourists know about this spot, even though it is mentioned on the Maharashtra Tourism website. One can setup up a tent very close to the waters. The local villagers are very friendly and we were treated to a nice meal of hot steaming rice and dal and vegetables, all which were grown locally. Boating is also possible. In the evening, One can walk around the lake and explore the surrounding areas and try to identify most of the peaks like kalsubai and Ratangad. The ideal time to go is during the winters from October to February. Arthur Lake is just 165 Kilometers from Mumbai making this place ideal for a day picnic provided one starts early in the morning. There are several lodges to stay long the way as well. This place is literally Unexplored!

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