The kites of Handipura

Jaipur, Jaipur, RJ

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It is heartening to know that almost all the kites for the Hindu celebration of Makar Sankrati in Jaipur â?? marked by kite flying â?? comes from Handipura, a Muslim-dominated area. Makar Sankranti, which commemorates the beginning of the northward journey of the sun, is celebrated with much aplomb in Jaipur. Orders for kites begin pouring in tee months prior to the festival date. In fact for the whole of Handipura, the industry of kite-making is dependent on solely the demand during the festival season. â??Most of the shops are shut rest of the year,â?? says Mohammed Yousuf, who runs one of the very few shops that were open even after the festival was over. â??Even I am thinking of downing my shutter in a few days.â?? Just then a group of three kids came and bought a kite for Rs 20; they pooled in change and paid Yousuf. Typically the demand season lasts three months. Quality, attractiveness and low price are what which keeps the kites flying. And Handipura going.

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