Camping at Visapur Fort

Maval, Pune, Maharashtra

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The visapur fort is about 100 kilometers from Mumbai and is ideal for camping in the Western Ghats for a weekend. This fort is relatively less popular with tourists because many people prefer to go to its twin fort - The Lohagd fort. The plateau is larger and higher than the lohgad fort. The best time to do this trek is during November â?? December. The trek is easy . It takes about three hours to reach the top. However, we did this trek in about five hours as we stopped along the way for breakfast and lunch. There are several fresh water cisterns on the plateau so camping is not a problem. However, it is recommended to carry oneâ??s own tents as there are no shelters up there. The sunset views are really beautiful. Winters can be really cold so one must pack a few woolen clothes and it is very windy in the night. We stayed up late in the night chatting and eating dinner by the bonfire. The way down is simple and takes about two and a half hours. Visapur fort is really worth a visit on a weekend.

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