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Although I am a non swimmer but i always had the desire to get under the sea & feel and see the beauty over there.. To see how a fish feels under water I had to be a fish.. So that's it..I decided to do Scuba - Diving at the Havelock Islands in Andaman.. The trainer said that even a non swimmer can do scuba - diving if given proper training...Though I was very nervous as I did not no swimming but I was ready for the thrilling adventure... I can mention many moments that were memorable & revelatory, but the three most memorable moments were... 1) When I put on my Scuba Gear 2) When I dived into the coral sea after professional training.. 3) The scenic view that I had under water...the corals, the colourful fishes & the beauty of going under water... After that thrilling experience, I believed that " Life isn't always meant to be easy, it is meant to be lived, sometimes rough, sometimes happy, sometimes wacky but it is always worth living it to the fullest with a desire to fulfill our dreams.. I did it...I loved it....I cherish it