Raigad Fort trek

Mahad, Raigad, MH

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The Raigad fort in Maharashtra provides an awesome trekking path particularly in the monsoons. There are numerous waterfalls on the way, making for pleasant and refreshing 'bath-breaks'; while there are stairs leading to the top of the fort, one needs to be cautious while climbing these extremely slippery stones gushing at places with water. However, the view from the top makes up for all the efforts of the climb. On a cloudy day, if you look down from the top, you might actually find clouds everywhere, with no sight of land. Another interesting experience here is to try the rope way in the rains that takes one vertically from the base to the top - at times, thick clouds cover the top of the fort and it is quite an experience on the rope way to see the cable car entering into the clouds with nothing visible beyond

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