Kewzing, South Sikkim, SK

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Kewzing is a beautiful village in South Sikkim. Driving from the well-established town of Ravangla towards Kewzing Monastery, I saw little sign of civilisation. This is when a local directed me towards a small clearing in the forest and asked me to follow the trail. It led me to the backyard of a large house where the family sat chopping wood and feeding their domestic animals. They were pretty taken aback to see me at first but immediately warmed up and offered me a cup of tea. I then met, Tshering Topgay, the Community Tourism coordinator of the village and started on a long walk through the forest to explore the rest of the village with him. Kewzing is inhabited by the Bhutia community of Sikkim and the village, with traditional houses that stand out for their colorful tinned roofs, green backyards and breathtaking views of the Himalayas, has been hosting travellers in order to propagate their culture. The locals speak very little Hindi but are friendly, curious and very hospitable. As I drove away from the monastery after a few hours, I only had one thing to say to my driver, "What a beautiful village!"

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