Penga Teng Tso Lake

Penga Teng Tso Lake, 790104,

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Lake Pangang Teng Tso or PT Tso is an high altitude lake located in Eastern Himalayan range (Arunachal Pradesh) at an elevation of 13,000 feet ASL. The beautiful lake surrounded by snow capped mountains makes it look enchanting, the serenity offered by it is indescribable. The lake is around 22 km from Tawang town, which comes on the way to Bum La Pass or Lake Madhuri. With out much difficult one can visit the place by 2/4 wheelers except the days when roads are covered with heavy snow. Due to lack of human habitation, it makes it difficult to get basic amenities. It was extremely cold in the month of march, people planning here should carry enough warm clothes to beat the cold. The lake is not directly reachable from the road, one has to get down from the road and trek some distance to reach the lake, there is a path way built around the lake from where you can feel the beauty of the lake. Not to surprise, being close proximity to the border area, occasionally you can hear the sounds of gun firing, which is done part of Army exercise. And Reaching Tawang itself is quite difficult due to the bad roads and high elevation. One needs Inner line permit to reach here. So make proper arrangements if you plan to visit the Nature's masterpiece.

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