Gibon Wildlife Sanctuary

Mariani, Jorhat, AS

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Hoolangapar Gibbon Sanctuary is located in Jorhat, Assam and spreads across an area of about 21 km sq. It is home of India's only Gibbons population -Hoolock Gibbons. Not just the Gibbons, it also houses 7 species of monkeys out of total 15 species that are found in India, varied species of birds, spiders and squirrels. Gibbons are the Apes and are differentiated on smaller size, lower sexual dimorphism, no nesting habits from the Greater Apes. Hoolock gibbons are the second largest of the gibbons and spread from NE India to Myanmar, with smaller populations in Bangladesh and China. Hoolangapar Sanctuary provides an unparalleled opportunity to meet these gibbons in their natural habitat. Also, the sanctuary has India's only population of nocturnal primates- the Slow Loris. With distinctive large eyes, every species of Slow Loris has been identified either Vulnerable or Endangered. Spiders represent the other attraction for macro-hunters, with large webs and colorful tentacles - they naturally attract their victims as well as photo-enthusiasts. How to reach? Jorhat is well connected by rail, road and air transportation modes. Jorhat has daily connecting flight to Kolkata and can also be reached by train. Mariani (MXN) is the main station, situated some 17kms from the Jorhat town. A very well managed NH 37 connects the town to Dibrugharh (~140 km, 2 hours) and Guwahati (~300 km, 5 hours). There are many Budget to 3 Stars hotels in town. Sanctuary is located at about 5-10 minutes' drive from Mariani station. Best Time? October to February is generally suggested as best time, though the park can be visited anytime except during Monsoon.

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