Vajreshwari, Thane, MH

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Vajreshwari is a little village, about 75 kilometers from Mumbai, on the Mumbai Ahmedabad highway. We started very early in the morning on our motorbike and reached Vajreshwari in about one and a half hours. The road is generally good throughout. The three things one must not miss out on while in Vajreshwariâ?? the Vajreshwari temple, dedicated to Goddess Parvati, the Kandhi peda (Sweets made out of khoa and sugar) and the hot water springs. The temple is very famous with the locals. Kandhi peda is sold directly outside the temple. There are several hot water springs in the village and several temples have come up near these hot water springs (but they are not that clean). But not many people know about the natural hot water pool, about 2 or 3 kilometers away from the village. If you are not able to find this hot water pool, just ask a local. It is believed these hot water springs are rich in sulfur content and thus good for the skin. We also tried tadi ( Palm wine), which was very fresh, which can be bought from some local shops. Vajreshwari is worth visiting for a day.

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