Nirona, Kutch, GJ

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Kutch as mostly everyone knows is famous for its white rann & little rann alongwith a few well known tourists spots. What most people miss out is visiting the local villages to witness their arts first hand. The experience of shopping local art after seeing how its done with all the effort and practice behind it simply takes the shopping experience to the next level. This village, NIRONA is famous for ROGAN art which a free hand way of drawing , so great that one of the practicing art families painting was gifted by India's prime minister Narendra Modi to President Obama of USA during his recent visit. Further their is copper bell making art with bells which ring the tune so melodious that you cant resist buying one!! Also, there is art of making wooden spoons covered with colorful lac is very attractive. All these arts are showcased with lived demonstrations that leave you spellbound. You may have all the money to buy all these artifacts but what touches these locals is the appreciation you offer them while you shop from them!!

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