Bankura, WB, IN

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Bankura Horse Bankura horse is a must buy souvenir from Bishnupur. These horses are made of terracotta and have very unique shape and features. The villages where the terracotta horses and elephants are made in large scale are Panchmura, Rajagram, Sonamukhi and Hamirpur. Each place has its local style. The Panchmura-style of pottery is considered the best and the finest of all the four types. These Bankura Horses were made for religious purposes and seen in temples during festivals, but over the years its elegant look was appreciated more and it soon began to adorn the living rooms across the world. The artisans realized the demand and soon it has turned into a good flourishing business for them. They come in various sizes and colors. Those wary of transporting terracotta stuff can buy the wooden forms. You get them in various sizes and prices to suit your baggage and budget.

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