Vashishth Temple - Hot water Springs

Vashist, Kullu, HP

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While most Indian Tourists go to manali for their honeymoon, Vashisht, a small village, offers more peace and calm. Vashisht is about 5 kilometers from Manali on the banks of the Beas River. The place is named after a Hindu sage with the same name. One can start walking from the mall road in Manali and take the route through the Doongri forest. The doongri forest is full of pine trees and is excellent for little picnics. Most tourists go by road, so this walkway just has a few locals going to Vashisht from Manali. The Vashisht temple in this village is considered to be as old as 4000 years old. The temple is made up of wood and has many intricate carvings. There is a hot water spring which is rich is sulfur and thus believed to have medicinal value. The best time to go during September or October.

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