Pudupet Market

Adithanar Rd, Chennai, TN

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Pudhupettai in Chennai, is the best place for all your automobile needs. This place will look rugged & rusty but when it comes to the business this is the best place for all the bike needs. Any bike can be re-modified here & stickering also done here. if your are a bike lover or street racer then you will lover it here. you can also get all second hand goods & also the spares of the discontinued bikes by the manufacturer which was impossible to find anywhere can be bought here at an reasonable price. ,All the best Mechanics in Chennai can be found here who will give all the possible ideas to meet you needs and satisfy you. All The shops are situated in the Rode side itself so its will not be difficult to find the shops . you can also sell your bike scraps here they will take them for a reasonable price.The most important thing you must know before visiting pudhupettai is to be aware of the bike which u drew their because they can dismantle the bike in minutes & even may sell it to you but Definitely pudhupettai bike market is a must visit place Don't miss it.

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