Uttan Virgin Beach

Uttan Virgin Beach, Dongri, Uttan

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Uttan Virgin Beach aka Velankani Beach, in spite of being located just about 14km from the bustling suburb of Mumbai, is aptly named because very few people visit it during weekends and even fewer during weekdays. The beach is naturally divided into several sections due to rocks, which makes you feel like you own that particular part of the beach as no human being is in sight till the horizon in any direction. The beach is clean and so is the water. Sea-bed slopes so gently that you can walk in knee deep water till about half a kilometer. This is an ideal place to swim, play sports or just laze around. Apart from the beach itself, the road which takes you there is also lovely. If you are coming from Southern parts of the city a small ferry ride will take you to the island of Gorai. You can load your bikes or cycles in the boat. Riding or Cycling from Gorai to Uttan is an experience which almost makes you feel as if you are in Goa. Being so detached from the city, this getaway is great to spend a lazy Sunday, recharging mind, body and soul for another hectic week.

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