The Great Himalayan National Park

Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, IN

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The nearest point I could locate on the map was GHNP. But this is not exactly about GHNP. This is about the Pin Parvati Pass trek. Spanning over 110 kms, this trek is one of the longest in the Indian Himalayas. The great thing about this trek is the amazing binaries that are scattered over the mountain's sprawling expanses - from the Buddhist people at the Pin side to the Hindus on the Parvati side as well as the natural binaries that change from the superlative mountain deserts on the Pin side to the lush greenery on the Parvati side. That aside, you get to cross a glacier, and follow a river through its various stages - from its origin in a glacial lake high in the Himalayas till almost its end where it is a mighty force roaring through a deep gorge that it had cut for itself. And then there are the most extraordinary "bridges" you will ever come across - from the mythical Pandu Pull, to the Pulley Bridge and finally a hanging (should I say swinging?) bridge that may beat the hell out of you!

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